Steve Uncles – the truth comes out

So. A few days ago English Democrat PCC candidate Steve Uncles was declaring that the men who had allegedly raped a woman at Bluewater were Muslim. When the Police confirmed that the people arrested for this offence are white, English and non-Muslim, Uncles claimed that the Police were lying.

Now Uncles claims have come unravelled. In a bizarre rant posted today, Uncles appears to have abandoned his claim that the people arrested are Muslims.

Rather desperately Uncles blames everyone else. First, he blames the media:

No details were given by the Newspaper that broke the story.  In the current world of political correctness the implication was the culprits were “Ethnic Minority” or some of the groups given special status by multi-culturalism e.g. Muslims.

So, the newspapers are responsible for Uncles thinking the people are arrested are Muslim, because they didn’t mention that they’re not Muslim. Clear?

Secondly, he tries to distract attention from the fact that he posted inflammatory nonsense about this issue, by making a quite strange claim that the Police are still lying: he has announced that the people arrested are members of the travelling community, and according to Uncles travellers aren’t English – so the Police weren’t being honest when they described them as English.

He backs this up with an extract from the ethnic monitoring part of a benefits form, in which there is (along with boxes for other ethnic origins) a box for Gypsy/Traveller. That you might be a member of that community and English, in the same way that you might be black and English, appears not to have occurred to him. We might also remind ourselves that it’s not up to Uncles to decide who is English.

Quite why he thinks we should trust him now is unclear.

And in all of this, he continues to use the victim for a cynical political game.

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