Steve Uncles – that defence in full

English Democrat candidate Steve Uncles as been in touch on Twitter, in his inimitable style, to take issue with a couple of things I said about him in my previous post. Let’s have a look at his defence in full:

How to win friends and influence people, eh? Presumably ‘clown’ is meant to be a compliment, since they are funny, culturally iconic and highly entertaining, a bit like me.

Indeed Uncles does have two awards for bravery (apparently for the same incident), and very laudable his actions are too: but they are as irrelevant to the role of Police and Crime Commissioner as his 1983 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Nobody expects him to go out and tackle all the criminals himself; he’s meant to be providing scrutiny and strategic leadership to the Police.

Besides, it’s not compulsory to mention everyone’s awards and qualifications in every snarky blogpost, unless Mr Uncles intends to congratulate me on my 25 metre swimming certificate and Cycling Proficiency Badge every time he tweets me in future.

I haven’t forgotten that Uncles gained 50,000 votes in 2009, I’ve not included it deliberately. Firstly, because it’s seven years ago and not even nearly the most recent time he’s stood: more recent elections are plainly more relevant. Secondly, because it’s not actually true: the elections to which Uncles refers are the European Parliamentary elections, and you don’t vote for a candidate in those elections, you vote for the Party. Uncles was first on his party’s list, but he can hardly claim every vote as a personal endorsement of him. And those 50,000 people were across the whole of the South East of England, and represented 2.2% of the vote.

Uncles seems to have forgotten that he contested the same election again in 2014: I asked him what the result of that election was:

For some reason he told me about a completely different election :

Perhaps he needs a reminder that his party received 17,771 votes: that’s down by more than half, and represents just 0.76% of the vote.

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