On being sued by Fergus Wilson – again.

Last year I blogged about Fergus Wilson’s attempt to bankrupt me over my reporting of his disqualification from the post of Police and Crime Commissioner, and how that attempt was thrown out of court and he was ordered to pay my costs. Wilson had brought his claim in his wife’s name and against someone with a name that was similar to mine, but who wasn’t me. Unsurprisingly, the Judge gave his claim short shrift.

Today, I have received another Claim From from Fergus seeking to sue me for another £50,000. Or rather, I have received a claim issued in Fergus’s wife’s name and against the person with the similar-but-not-the-same name as me. Yes, he has repeated most of the same mistakes as he made last time. At least he has got the address right this time: except for the name of the street, and the bizarre relocation of Margate to South Wales (no, me neither).

It seems quite clear to me that, as before, Fergus is pursuing this claim because he wants to silence scrutiny and criticism from me, and to deter others. As we saw before this is not the first time he has tried to pursue people who have criticised him in public. It may or may not be relevant that the next Police and Crime Commissioner elections are this year. And frankly he should be stopped.

In so far as it’s possible to understand Wilson’s case against me, he accuses me of breaching the Perjury Act 1911 (I haven’t, and even if I had you can’t bring civil proceedings under this Act), the Criminal Law Act 1967 (again, this creates criminal offences not civil wrongs – the clue is in the title. And I haven’t breached this one, either), the Criminal Justice Act 1970 (I definitely haven’t breached this Act, because it doesn’t exist), and the Protection from Harassment Act 1967 (presumably he means 1997 and no, I haven’t broken this Act, either). Pretty much everything except encompassing the death of the heir to the throne and impersonating the Archbishop of Canterbury (in case you’re reading this, Fergus, I haven’t done that either). Accordingly I firmly reject his claim.

Since I last reported on him, Wilson has been convicted of racially abusing a traffic warden, after which he was ordered to pay his victim £1,000 in compensation and ordered to wear an electronic tag and undertake unpaid work in the community. He would do better to address his own behaviour than trying to bully others.

Naturally I am taking legal advice and will vigorously defend myself. In the meantime I stand by my reporting on Fergus, and I won’t be bullied into silence.

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