Kent PCC elections: the people have spoken. Well, some of them.

Never mind the Masterchef final, the London Mayoral election or the nomination of Donald Trump to be leader of the free world: the results of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner election were announced today. Sadly, the election doesn’t appear to have captured the public’s imagination, with turnout at 21.5% (up from 16.3% in 2012, but that was in November).

Unsurprisingly, on a good day for the Tories generally, their candidate Matthew Scott was elected. Equally unsurprisingly, the second round also featured UKIP’s Henry Bolton, who had run a strong campaign with an impressive CV. UKIP has done well in Kent over the past few years and will be disappointed not to have snatched victory here.

I’ll post more analysis over the next few days, but it’s worth noting the other winners and losers: besides the Tories and UKIP, Labour’s Tristan Osborne did very creditably, increasing Labour’s share of the vote when the Party has been struggling to make an impact.

The big loser is undoubtedly Steve Uncles of the English Democrats: the only candidate to have stood in 2012, he saw his share of the vote slump to 3.1% (and kissed goodbye to his deposit).  Uncles had faced fierce criticism for his attempts to exploit an alleged rape in Bluewater, stating that the attack had been carried out by Muslims and then refusing to apologise when this turned out to be untrue, so it is perhaps fitting that on the same day that London elected its first Muslim mayor, Kent decisively rejected Uncles.

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