In court with Fergus Wilson

A few weeks ago I reported on Fergus Wilson’s attempt to bankrupt me over my reporting on this blog. Today the County Court at Canterbury heard my application to set his demands aside.

Despite Wilson being represented by a barrister, the court upheld my application, and ordered him to pay my costs. For now at least his attempts to bankrupt me are at an end.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me through this, whether you’ve given moral or practical help: I do appreciate all your help and, while it’s not appropriate for me to name names, I know you know who you are.

I have been advised not to gloat, so I am not going to do so. But I want to say this:- To every renter who thinks they can’t stand up to their landlord, to everyone who doesn’t think their rights will be upheld against the rich and powerful: don’t be intimidated. It’s not easy, but there is help out there and you will get a fair hearing. Today I saw off a millionaire and his barrister who wanted to take me for over fifty grand. And if I can stand up for myself, so can you.

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