Help me defend myself against this abusive libel claim from Fergus Wilson

Some time ago I blogged about how notorious landlord Fergus Wilson was trying to sue me for libel simply for reporting – perfectly accurately – that he is ineligible to hold the office of Police and Crime Commissioner.

I’ve already defended myself against one case from him, but he has come back for another attempt. And due to an error by the Courts Service, he’s been able to enter a default judgment against me – and is threatening me with High Court Enforcement Agents all over again for money which, quite frankly, I don’t owe. So I need to have that order set aside so I can properly defend myself.

Once I’ve done that I’m very confident of successfully defending the claim: everything that I have said about him is true, his breaches of the rules of procedure are flagrant and he’s brought the case in his wife’s name instead of his own.

As you can imagine the stress of this is pretty intense, but I am determined to stand up for myself against this flagrant attempt to misuse the libel laws to silence people – I’m not the first person to have been on the receiving end of Wilson’s abusive litigation, and he’s notably not sued the major news organisations that have reported his disqualification but who are better able to defend themselves than me.

I have started a crowdfunder to help pay the legal fees associated with having the judgment set aside and to begin mounting a proper defence. I am hugely grateful for every contribution.

You can donate to the crowdfunder here.

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